La Famiglia Rosselli di Gimigliano
Our motto is “We“. Nothing can happen to us because We are together into a single entity, Our Family.

From a business trip in the United States in 2010, Daniele got the inspiration to reconstruct the history of his family, Rosselli’s from Gimigliano, when an American fellow shows him on internet, a text of his ancestor, who, emigrated to the United States centuries before, settled there, in a city that took its name from his family name. These had rebuilt his genealogy and up to his grandchildren and the work was then continued by one of his descendants. Returning to Rome from the States, Daniele speaks to his parents and brother of this idea. At that point, Guglielmo shows them the documents that constitute the Archive Rosselli: 9 documents belonging to their ancestors and passed down from father to son until today; from that time a wonderful trip back in time leads them to write this work on on Rosselli’s family from Gimigliano.
Travel back to time has continued to explore the Trapasso’s and Benincasa’s families from Gimigliano whose we tracked for these genealogical lines since 1600 and up-today. The third work isa splendid collection of 210 recipes of Calabrian cuisine and more, expertly researched and tested by the cook of the family, Mamma Sara!

Daniele Rosselli

Mechanical Engineer, living in Milan


Guglielmo Rosselli

Lieutenent of Military Corp of Carabinieri. Retired since 2010. Living in Rome.


Alessandro Rosselli

Master degree in Programmazione del Controllo Sociale. Living in Rome.


Rosaria Trapasso

Employee at Ministero Difesa. Living in Rome.

Work in progress. Coming soon!!
In March 2021
Three of the ten volumes that the monk Hannibal Rosselli wrote have disappeared.
What messages hid those volumes?
Are they still hidden somewhere after centuries?
Michele will investigate this and other unresolved mysteries of his family.
Rosselli Palace

On the road leading to the heart of Gimigliano, in Contrada San Giovanni, on the right side, a few hundred meters before the House of the Major, stands an imposing building, whose access is through a large stone arch; passing through it, you can reach a courtyard overlooked by the four sides of the Palazzo Rosselli.

The arch and the inner courtyard end on a wide staircase leading to the gallery upstairs, where there are some apartments.

This palace belonged to Rosselli who inhabited it since the early nineteenth century.

The building was completely renovated in the twentieth century and today we can figure it out its original splendor; you can guess the size of the structure from the large courtyard, from the entrance arch, from the steps that old people in the vllage say they were first covered with green and pink marble from the caves of Gimigliano and the two floors that overlook the large courtyard.
From the stories of our relatives and ancestors, we know that in the palace there was, on the first floor, a private chapel, inside with holy furnishings and varoius objects and paintings of value and in an other side of the building a well-stocked library at the time, cited by Lamannis in his “Miscellanea Patria“.