“This work has the aim to communicate as central message, love for our own group, unity, respect, desire for living and growing together, sharing some values in harmony and simplicity, reminding the lesson learnt from our great past”

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Libro Rosselli di Gimigliano
Rosselli di Gimigliano. Dalle origini a noi.

An exciting journey, back in time, to discover in the folds of history, the stories, events, adventures and mysteries of an ancient blazon boasting a noble lineage; in the year 1000 AD, from Arezzo, its cradle, spreading out all over Europe, England, France, Spain and Mallorca, gaining fame and glory in every field. The Rosselli’s from Gimigliano, will provide during centiries a huge range of talents in the field of philosophy, politics, the military and ecclesiastical field . If you want to discover these plots, all you have to do is flipping through the pages of this story …!

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Libraries where finding the book

  • Biblioteca Comunale di Gimigliano – Map
  • Biblioteca Comunale di Taverna – Map
  • Biblioteca Fondazione Firpo a Torino – Map
  • Biblioteca dell’Archivio di Stato di Arezzo – Map