I quaderni in cucina di mamma Sara

I Quaderni in cucinadi mamma Sara

In the second tray from the cabinet in the kitchen, along with other items that are used in the house a little more rarely, as to preserve it from passing too many hands and the light which would deteriorate the ink imprinted on the pages, there is a small notebook , those we used in elementary school, with broad horizontal lines and one vertical line at the side, purple, … over the years, this booklet, like a living thing that feeds, grew in size, to the point that, at some point, Sara was “forced” to create a second, one because the first had become too full to be able to fill with new words …


but what Sara has collected over many years in the pages of this book, to the point to need to continue its slow but relentless compilation of a second? … his writing neat and precise printed pages now yellow with age, some pictures to visually clarify the end result of what she told meticulously, carefully, omitting nothing … some torn newspaper clipping; like an alchemist who prepares a potion making sure to select the best products and with the right amount because it knows that a little mistake could affect the final result of his alchemical work … but Sara knows she is capable and the results of his work will certainly be appreciated by all


… but her … no … her notebooks are always there with her to accompany her, as a security blanket, from which she is inseparable, when, abandoned the role of public employee, as wife and loving mother, entered the world of her kitchen, she becomes one of the most talented cooks that many, relatives, friends and colleagues over the years have enjoyed and continue to do so; with the help of her little friends, the notebooks, with their recipes meticulously transcribed, which combine the gastronomic tradition of Calabria region, her native land to the Roman one, the city that now adopted since about forty years, the Umbria , the Neapolitan, the Tuscany, Puglia and Venetian, the many influences that over the years have given a unique twist to her food, with which it was able to enchant even the most discerning palates.