I libri perduti

I libri perduti
Le indagini di Michele

Michele, a private investigator, rummaging through the folds of the family past, accidentally came across an international diamond trade, hatched by a phantom organization. The Twin Sect. The latter promptly informs the police that defeat illicit traffic. The precious items were hidden by the underworld group, before being placed on the market, in the ancient tomb chamber of Dominus Romanus, Gemellius, the ancient lord of Gemellianum. The sect was the custodian of this and its precious content and the Rosselli di Gimigliano knew about it.

The latter hold secrets that the Sect would like to appropriate.

The detective thus collided with the criminal group interested for centuries in discovering the secrets kept by the Rosselli.


From the papers of the family archive, those in particular handwritten by a distant uncle, who lived in Rome in the first half of the past century, Michele finds by accident a folded and well hidden note. On this there are indications to find some lost texts, written by a distant ancestor. The key to this dilemma lies in the relative’s home, Federico Guglielmo, in Via Crispi.
But who is this ancestor?

The philosopher and friar, Annibale Rosselli, who lived in the 16th century.
Federico Guglielmo feels the urge to speak in person to his brother Emilio Giuseppe and invites him to go up to Rome. He looks worried. What did you discover to the point of asking him to go up from Calabria to the capital? He dies prematurely before meeting him and revealing anything.

A mysterious painting, a wedding gift from the family to the man, contains fundamental clues.
Michele ninety years later begins to investigate this case.

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