Le indagini di Michele

279 A.D. Gemellius, Lord of Grisellum and the surrounding territories, dies. In honor of the Dominus Romanus, the territory on which he extended control and domination over the years, is renamed Gemellianum. A group of people, grouped under the name of Setta Gemella, found by chance the treasure buried in the tomb chamber of Gemellius. They started trying to recover them gradually and to pass on the secret to the descendants. Caio Tiberius Russilianus, friend and confidant of the Dominus Romanus, when he was alive, becomes in spite of that place, the guardian. He belongs to the noble lineage of the Tribe of David and deposits with Gemellius’ possessions in the underground chamber a parchment with evidence of his sacred roots for fear that the document falls into the wrong hands.


Rossel, Rosel, Roesel from which Roes-El, in Hebrew the Rose of God. Of the first Rosselli branch that from Roussillon expand in the old continent following the Rosalinea with the mythical Gerard Rosel, in England with the Russell and in Spain with the Rossellò, Caio Tiberio belongs to the group that moves to Italy, observing closely the growth of the new religion.
1509. Tiberio Rosselli, a young student of Gimigliano, following his premonition of seer but also in a completely fortuitously, is casually aware of the Roman settlement and the chamber votive underground within which, finds a treasure of great value and the holy origins of his family. The Setta Gemella begins a ruthless persecution to its detriment by besmirching the good name of scholar and philosopher.

2015. Five hundred years after the Tiberius’ story, another Rosselli, Michele, a private investigator, finds himself suddenly caught up in a private investigation very complex and dangerous. He is involved, in spite of himself, in the same manhunt and without any exclusion of blows. He has a way of knowing him from the encounter with his spirit among the dark and silent Gimigliano on a full moon night.

From this ruthless manhunt will have to try to escape not to fall victim to the rivals and at the same time understand the stories and legends that surround with a heavy aura of mystery the past of the Rosselli.

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