“Whatever you dream of undertaking, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, magic” (Goethe,1749 – 1832)”

I begin with this first introductory article, the publication of a series of articles, in an entirely personal path of reflections, which I could define as commitment, hence the name of the blog,
“M’impegno”;. These thoughts on various topics, in absolute freedom and total autonomy, without colours, will try to have a weekly cadence and I will insert them in an ad hoc page of my site, With this project of mine, I hope to involve curious people, enthusiasts, simple Internet users and readers, who wish to follow me and discuss reflections on topics and issues of various kinds, from social issues, to economics, current affairs, politics, and new technologies. They will be lively and topical topics, which I borrow from the current reality that I observe around me, as I live my life every day as a man, as a father of a family, as a worker, and which I draw from reading newspapers, books and articles in newspapers, other blogs, or from listening to debates on TV or on the Internet. I passed the "middle of the road of my life" a few years ago and with a certain path of life behind me, call it, experience, perhaps wisdom and why not, a certain lucid madness, I feel I want to provide my contribution to the discussion, my humble opinion, in a lucid and impartial manner, on issues, questions and events that animate public discussion and debate.

Hence, direct experience or that absorbed by the media narrative makes me a witness, a participant as a spectator, a mere user/observer through the mass media. Remaining silent or indifferent in the face of blatant situations of hardship and distress of many or even a few sections of society is no longer possible. My judgement, my evaluations, my proposals will be shared with most, in my pool of friendships and acquaintances, and I hope that they will be shared, open and constructive criticism, counter-proposals, and that they will at least stimulate a debate, an open dialogue around these issues, and that they will be the starting point for further in-depth analysis on increasingly broader tables. After all, social communication channels today serve precisely this purpose.

Following these open points of reflection, to those who will have the curiosity to delve into them, I will recommend the readings, taken from excerpts or entire texts or from articles on sites, as certified and institutional as possible and in any case always verified for their transparency, which have served me to study the subject matter.

It only remains for me to wish you bon voyage, in the hope that I will be able to receive from you, on my communication channels, which I will reproduce below, advice, cues and constructive criticism, animated by a desire to improve ourselves, the society in which we live, and protect the environment in which we live, always animated by a constructive spirit, in the calmest tones possible, avoiding the phenomena of media hating and bullying, in full respect of everyone's opinions.

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